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Come into the garden shed and look around. There are plans for building your own compost bin, a Community Garden hand book, some videos about community gardens and there might even be some tools or other equipment you have been looking for. As well. if there is something you need or would like to donate, here is the place to leave your message.
Or for a quicker response, join the TCGN Public Discussion List. Just click on the CLIP BOARD and subscribe.

Community Gardens Tool-kit

Find out how you can start a community garden in your local park

Community Garden Handbook 2008.
| download now (pdf,1.7Mb)
Community Garden Handbook 2008

City of Toronto - Soil Assessment Guide

Garden Guide lines and other sample documents for Community Gardens

Community Garden Council of Waterloo Region

Tips for Community Gardens in Waterloo Region

Utah Conservation Corps - Disability Inclusive Crew

Be inspired to make your community garden more than just wheelchair-friendly

Community Workshops TO is a free resource that connects community groups and agencies with skilled workshop facilitators from across the City of Toronto, and promotes local resilience by creating training opportunities that build healthy, dynamic and environmentally sustainable communities.

Letís Grow

A Great Handbook about:

Gardening activities to promote mental health, healthy eating and physical activity
Boreal - Soil Experts supporting community gardens


The people at Boreal are passionate about good soil and healthy food.

Plans for Compost Bin

Here is a link to great plans for a three bin composter, plus general information about composting.

all about Worm Composting - and how to care for your "Pet Worms"

Vermicomposting is the decomposing of organic waste with red worms.

Well, it is a bit more that just worms and food scraps ....)

Community Supported Agriculture in Downtown Toronto!
Community Supported Agriculture in North York
Community Supported Agriculture in the greater Toronto Area!
Cutting-Veg-CSA-Holy Blossom 1950 Bathurst Street
Local Flavor
Here is a virtual tour of Eating locally in Toronto for the past 125 years.
Young Urban Farmers CSA

School Resources

Canning And Preserving

How To Preserve the Harvest!

Days of sun and nights of rain. Now, you seal the goodness in.

Field Trip-farm Tours
A Toronto Gardening Magazine
Toronto Downtown In-Store Seminars
Siloam Orchards
Easy Raised Beds for the Instant Garden
Train The Trainer
Toronto Green Community Train the Trainer Manual
use our Train the Trainer resources in your community to promote sustainable urban agriculture
Spring - Square Foot Garden
Square Foot Gardening
The Cutting Veg Organic Farm, is thrilled to present the 2010 GARLIC harvest! Also ask about the gardlic for 2011!
About Food Forward

Food Forward Advocacy Alliance is a registered non-profit organization in Toronto that provides a people's voice for a better food system.

Golden Harvest Organics

Click here for great information about organic gardening and companion planting.

Sustainable Agriculture Co-op

At Fleming Collage

Program Highlights

Season Extension Techniques, and ColdFrames

Everything you need to know to use, build, and maintain cold frames, and the gardening techniques to get something good and fresh to eat in the middle of winter!
Funds Available for Gardens from the American Community Garden Association (ACGA) and other organizations

Are you interested in having chickens in your back yard or Community Garden?

About Dagmar Baur

Dagmar has been a member of the Toronto Community Garden Network (TCGN) for many years, But her love of gardening and nature go way back before the beginning of the TCGN.

Watch this video of an interview of Dagmar by Paul Richmond on the Zest Radio Show ...

  • Weeds, if you can't beat them, Eat them!
It's a Snap To Grow Beans
Help our New Program Take Root
New Way to Fight Hunger
Ontario association of Food Banks

Working towards a hungry free Ontario

Climate Change
Air Quality Health Tool Kit
Sesame Street Community Garden - Circa 1970
How To Make a Paper Seedling Pot From Recycled Paper
Dirt -The Movie
at home organic farms

We offer courses in gardening and self sustainability.

We have a wide variety of Raised garden bed sizes.

Wild Bees In Green Spaces
Urban Farming In Vancouver - 2011
Find out how our Urban Agriculture Neighbours are doing in the west coast.
Contact Master Gardener

horticultural experts for the City of Toronto: Master Gardeners

Live Green Toronto - Starting a Community Garden VIDEO

Toronto Balconies Bloom

Side Plot Blog
A step by step, week by week vegetable garden.
The Stops'
Yes In My Back Yard

Would you like to grow your own food, but there is no Community Garden near you? Do you have a backyard that you would like to put to use?

The Stop Community Food Centreís Yes in My Back Yard (YIMBY) program connects people who would like to garden but donít have the space, to people who have space in their yards they are willing to share.

Sharing Backyards Toronto

IMAGINE A WORLD where everyone has access to healthy, local, organic food.

The goal of the Sharing Backyards program is to make that a reality by giving anyone who wants to grow food the yard space to do it.

Get A Tree For Your Back Yard
Landshare Canada

GLOBAL BEE EMERGENCY . Start your own bee-friendly garden, project or business!

Global Bee Emergency


Zimmerman Garden Journal

Find out how you can get your community garden Documented.
River of Flowers

The 'river' in River of Flowers is an evocative way of describing the planting of urban meadows in 'pollination streams' in order to help our pollinators, find forage in the city

Peterborough Community Garden Network

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