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Seedy Wednesday @ Toronto Seedy (City) Hall

As an unofficial kick off to the annual seedy Saturday and Sunday events that happen across Toronto - - and the country - - we are hosting this unconventional seed sharing event at Toronto City Hall to spur public awareness.

On March 6, 2013 from 12-2pm @ Toronto Seedy (City) Hall, Occupy Gardens and friends are inviting the public to share the seeds of a most radish revolution. We will gather indoors, near the Toronto Public Library on the 1st floor.



The event is also one of many public information and brainstorming sessions in regards to the Toronto Seed Library, a new initiative supported by a wide diversity of seed and good food projects in and around Toronto. We hope to find a champion within Seedy Hall to take leadership and support this worthwhile initiative.

This is a direct action in SOILidarity with the global Seed Freedom campaign -> . We call upon free food allies in every city to initiate their local Seed Library and host seed sharing events at their Seedy Halls.

We encourage you to contact and invite your Seedy Councillors, local librarians, and seedy friends to join us on March 6th and beyond to create something truly special. If you would like to bee involved or learn more about the Toronto Seed Library please comment below or email to join the mailing list for future events and updates.

  • *Peas Note*

This is a peasful gathering. We must be respectful of others who use and work in this space. That means listening, keeping our voices down and leaving no trace (except maybe a few seeds in the library ;) . It is a public space and we have the right to bee there. We will not be selling seeds, simply sharing seeds & ideas.

Thank you :)


Every one is welcome
... never saved seeds before? no problem! come and find out how it is done.
As well, there are seeds to purchase - the "Seed Swap" is an invitation for folks to bring any seeds that they have saved - and for all people to have access to wonderful seeds that are not available in the regular garden centres.

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