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Community Gardens in Toronto and the GTA

Definition of a community garden.

Here are a few Community Gardens in Toronto, including information on specific accessibility opportunities.

To get your community Garden registered here, please

To join a community garden/be added to their waiting list, please look for the contact information included in the descriptive pages below and contact them directly. Many community gardens also welcome volunteers, both those that are skilled and those who are willing to learn.

Click on a pin to see information about that garden! For detailed directions to the gardens, please contact them individually.

To contact gardens that don't have a public e-mail addresses please send your message to with the name of the community garden in the subject line.

To see the map with the names of each garden displayed as a sidebar, click the link below the map.

Featured Gardens And Stories In TCGN website

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Toronto Music Garden, November 2009

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A Ttribute To Dagmar Baurs, May 2010

The Parkview Neighbourhood Garden, June 2010

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U of T Sky Garden, October 2010.

Access - The Story behind the Theme, January 2011

Access, Opportunity and Health, February 2011.

Unexpected Success - Tomatoes, May 2011

Park Alert-Possible Cuts To Parks, July 2011.

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